We at Oak Street Garden Shop understand that the majority of home owners in Redding, CA, come across difficulties with their lawn and garden care or even landscaping design projects every once in a while. If you’re a lawn owner living in this city, you need to acknowledge the truth that you need to commit considerable time, not to mention effort, to make sure that your own backyard or garden remains healthy and balanced, as well as attractive throughout the year.  At our store, we provide all of your landscaping needs, including plants, pest control, mulch, and more!
With our services, we want to make every lawn in Shasta County be healthy and look beautiful. Home owners residing in dry locations like Redding and Anderson may have a simpler time than they think performing their normal gardening projects in the event that they stick to a few vital landscaping design suggestions. imagesHere are some of our many suggestions:

Local Annuals and Perennials

Decide on both local annuals as well as perennials to cultivate in your own yard. Whenever you grow native vegetation, you’re almost certain they are going to flourish simply because these types of vegetation are accustomed to the local conditions. They may be low-maintenance flowers additionally . If you wish to include flora in your own landscaping, sow both of perennials as well as annuals. There will be a handful of choices with perennials although annuals will ensure you have color throughout the year.

Think about the steps surrounding the landscaping task before beginning any work on it. Be sure you understand exactly where essential pieces of your house–gutters, wires, air conditioning units–are situated, to ensure that your own landscaping design alterations do not impinge on and also damage them .When there is excavating required, report to the key district or even town authorities or business office well in advance to prevent the danger of destruction to any hidden electrical lines.

Pest Control

redding pests

Has your lawn been eaten by pests?  It’s a common problem in Redding, especially with all of the 100 degree-plus heat here. Before you even deal with the pests themselves, here are some things to consider:

  • Cautiously pick the kind of lawn you are going to cultivate.
  • Stay away from growing rather tall grasses, particularly if you reside in an arid region, like some of the rural areas outside of Redding.
  • We advise you to grow short, established types of lawn to reduce the amount of insects (for those who truly want or perhaps want to grow tall grasses, sow them a minimum of one hundred feet from your own home).

Now, if you would like to get rid of the bugs yourself, you’ll have to identify which bug it is that is causing the problem.  It could be grubs, Chinch bugs, and those ever annoying mole crickets. Hiring a local certified pest control service like Big Time Pest Control to poison your ground will keep pests down from the start of your project. Whether you hire a company or do it yourself, just make it your goal to get rid of these critters, because there’s a high likelihood that your lawn will be an unhealthy and ugly looking one if you don’t.

Some Watering Considerations

If you happen to be just starting growing plants, it’s the best option to begin with smaller sized vegetation initially. Compact varieties of vegetation require significantly less watering so they are likely to be much easier to maintain. You may take into consideration extending your plants by growing types upon getting acquainted accustomed to the compact plants and when you happen to be prepared to place additional time and effort in growing larger kinds.


Circular Dinning RoomLast but not least, do not overlook a consistent mulch schedule. Apart from mulching your turf, never forget to utilize the product on your own flowerbeds additionally. Mulch can help maintain dampness whenever placed around your crops. For this reason, it may be of great assistance for the duration of scorching and parched periods. Moreover it enriches the dirt because it breaks down and results in nutritional thick dirt for your crops.